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I think when the Weekly Photo Challenge┬átopic is a verb, it can be difficult to capture. Especially this week…the act of dreaming. We don’t know what others are dreaming of, or if they’re dreaming, when we see their eyes closed. Sometimes the expression on their faces tells us, sometimes it doesn’t.

In this photo, my granddaughter Kaylee fell asleep in her high chair after an afternoon at play. She barely had a chance to eat anything. She really looks down for the count.

Here, my husband Alan and our cat Aimee nap on the couch. I caught them looking happy and comfortable!

Aimee is a skittish cat when she is awake; noises make her nervous and she often hides under the covers. Yet, when we are with her and the house is quiet, she is the most relaxed cat I’ve ever seen.

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