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In my neighborhood

I’m a little late participating for this week, but better late than never! These photos were all taken on my morning walk.

The day started with some rain; as soon as it stopped I went for a walk around my neighborhood. I like to walk a lot in the spring, despite my allergies; it feels so freeing after being cooped up for the winter. It is lovely to walk often and watch the trees, bushes and flowers change as spring progresses.

walking up the hill

Walking here is bittersweet for me now as I will soon be moving somewhere else. I love my neighborhood because it is a circle: one way in, one way out. It doesn’t cut through to anywhere. No one comes in unless they are coming for visit someone who lives here so it is peaceful and quiet.

We have sidewalks but we don’t really need them. There is so little traffic you can walk on the road.


I can see my house at the end of my walk and feel a pang.

house from afar

Rounding the last corner…

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