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This week’s photo challenge topic is On Top.

I loved this sculpture I recently saw in Hingham Square.

Turtles on rock sculpture

Hingham Square Sculpture

Here’s a close-up: there are frogs on top of turtles on top of a rock.

frogs and turtles

On Top of the Rock is a Frog on Top of a Turtle…

How about a couple of natural photos? I wanted to get closer to this tree swallow perched on top of the fence post, but I was afraid it would fly away. In fact, a couple with a dog walked up behind me right after I took this shot and the inevitable happened. Whoosh…

Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow

I found the golden lichen on top of this grave marker quite striking.


Lichen on Top of Grave Marker

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I wasn’t sure what to post for this week’s challenge; thus, my tardiness. But this morning I took a walk to a pond near my house and saw this mother and baby duck. It appears she only had the one, but I’m sure to her, it is her masterpiece.

Mother and baby duck

Her masterpiece

Seeing them reminded me of another “duck masterpiece” I saw recently. This one is at the Fuller Museum.

Duck sculpture

Duck sculpture at the Fuller Museum

Two different artists, two different masterpieces…

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This week’s topic is UP.

Yesterday I attended a poetry event at the Fuller Museum in Brockton, MA. The event was free, although there is usually an admission price for the museum. Although it is very close to me, I have never been there before.

This is what I saw as I went UP the steps to the front door.

Fuller Museum, Brockton

Fuller Museum Entrance

The architecture of the building is modern, but the shingles give it a rustic feel. It blends well into the grounds; there’s a pond behind it, complete with a swan.

The poetry event was downstairs. Because it hadn’t started yet, I wandered a little in the first floor, and looking UP, I saw this in a hallway:

Icarus by Mark Davis

Icarus by Mark Davis

Close-up of Icarus

The sculpture is called Icarus by Mark Davis. Most people know the story that inspired it. Icarus wanted to fly; he made wings out of wax and feathers for him and his son. But his son soared to close to the sun; the wax on the wings melted and he fell to the earth. It’s about being greed and arrogance; living in dreams and ignoring what is important.

I contemplated the sculpture and thought about the story. I had received rejections on some poems I sent out the other day. Normally, I would have taken this to heart. I was disappointed but I have so many other pressing things in my life I didn’t dwell on it. I decided to go to this open mike event and read them. So though they won’t necessarily be read (right now), they were heard and I was content. Baby birds appreciate life and start with short flights…

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