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I love to see the remnants or relics of the past still hanging around. As if these things have a spirit and won’t give up. They linger like ghosts. I have a certain admiration for that.

Recently I was surprised to stumble upon this old piece of farm equipment in a public park. Why didn’t those who created the park get rid of it? It was intriguing to me to see this trace of civilization in a beautiful natural setting.

Old Piece of Farm Equipment Left in a Park

Old Piece of Farm Equipment Left in a Park

I’m similarly drawn to the remnants of old docks. The leftover pilings remind me of grave markers in the water.

Pilings Left From an Old Dock

Pilings Left From an Old Dock

With salt water especially, it is hard to make things last. If maintenance is not done vigilantly, nature will reclaim what is hers. Leaving behind just the remnants of someone’s attempts to take something that didn’t belong to them, making me wonder about a past I can now only imagine.

Old Dock Pilings

Peeling Paint on a Railing, with Remnants of an Old Dock



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