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Where is Qville you may ask?

Hint: it is not a town on a map; it is not a Facebook App, like Farmville or Cityville. It is the place you go when you are not present in the “real” world. It might be a place you go to feel calm or comforted; a place where you say the things you don’t dare say in the “real” world.  For an artist or writer it may be a completely fictional place, created especially by you and for you with its own characters. It is the where inspiration is born. Thus, it is not one place; it is different for everyone.

As the “real” world grows harder, darker, and more threatening, it can be a place where the sun shines, money doesn’t matter, and everyone accepts you.  No, I’m not crazy…and neither are most people who go there. They just need a break from the constant marketing, competition, and pressure to be perfect.  They need a welcoming place, a quiet place to just BE, an esoteric home (the real one usually has too many undone chores). And best of all: the train to Qville is free; it just takes time, precious time.

My husband knows when I have been there when I blurt out a statement or question that seems “out of the blue.”  He’ll say, “Where did that come from?” But he knows it really originates in Qville.  He’s the one who made up the name for reasons I won’t go into here.  Suffice to say, I’ve become quite attached to it.  Attached enough to create this blog: a place for my inspirational photos, fragments, and poems.

I hope my forays to my Qville will help you find yours.

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