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Existential Question

I have trouble with topics that are TOO open. They should inspire me, but they just discourage me…too many choices, can’t commit, too hard… ūüė¶

I never got¬†around¬†to the challenge last week so I didn’t want to miss another. What to do?¬†I took a couple of wire “twists” in my apartment, but they didn’t really do it for me.¬†(Of course, the fact that they aren’t focused properly could be the culprit…see below.)

Twisted Mirror

Twisted Mirror


But then, I watched CBS Sunday Morning yesterday. Though not an original photo taken by me, the piece is perfect for this challenge: Twisting words!

I had never heard of the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships in Austin.¬†Clearly it’s not for everyone, but as a word nerd, I sure wish¬†I could have attended. I was amazed by the woman “punning” the Presidents in order; I wish they filmed her whole performance. Her name is Alex Petri. Here’s a YouTube clip¬†of her performance at¬†last years’ championship. I would guess that the topic she was given was the Bible?





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