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Zoee settled herself in a wonderful patch of sun from a skylight.


Aimee, perhaps envious of Zoee’s sun, wanders over and begins to bath Zoee. This is a ploy I’ve seen both use to kick the other out of a spot. Make it impossible for her to sleep — annoy her until she leaves!


Zoee puts up with it, maybe even enjoys it at first, but she’s wise to this game. She lets Aimee know that she is wise to this strategy and tells her I’m not going anywhere. Aimee doesn’t give up easily.


Then…Zoee says, “Fine, make me resort to force!”


Aimee tries to pretend that she’s leaving of her own accord; she doesn’t care about Zoee’s sun patch


After all, there’s another just down the hall and it’s better! Nah-nah-nah, nah-nah.


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