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Jake’s topic for today is Valuable. One thing I have learned during the last few years is how subjective that is. I have possessions that are supposedly worth money and have value, but only if someone wants to collect them. Because of the recession in the US, things are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. If people don’t consider them a “need,” these things are worth nothing.

When my grandmother died our family all had to pitch in to clean out her house so it could be sold. Some of my brothers asked for pieces of furniture or antique items; I asked for photographs. I place a lot of value on memories and remembering the past. I hope to put them together and display them someday.

I have a guitar I bought at a yard sale many years ago. The guitar has the autograph of a Country Music Hall of Fame singer, Hank Snow. I thought it might be valuable. Countless emails later, a guitar expert told me that it was a mish-mash that someone “customized.” The case is worth a few hundred dollars, but the guitar is only worth the music that is played on it.

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