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Jake’s Topic this week is a photo of a Bay. I would have to travel a bit from where I live to get a new digital picture of a bay, and I have no gas in my car. 😦

So I went to the shoebox instead. In 1984, my friend Julie and I visited New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada. Between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is the Bay of Fundy, where it is said they have the highest tidal range in the world!

This photo was taken with my old manual Pentax K1000 in New Brunswick at low tide.

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Low tide

Bay of Fundy, NB at low tide

Notice the trees at the top of the formation. They appear to be on little islands at high tide. I took the second photo to provide a sense of scale showing how high these formations are. That’s my friend Julie taking a picture.

Bay of Fundy New Brunswick

Click on the icon below if you want to see more examples of Bays.

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