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Okay, I’m back again participating in Cee’s challenge. I love this painted “courtyard” area in Cambridge MA.


Wall in Cambridge MA,

I’m Lookin’ at You


Mural on Wall in Cambridge, MA

Artistic Wall

If you want to see some more interesting photos or join Cee’s Challenge, click on the icon below:



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Henry David Thoreau's grave

Henry David Thoreau’s Grave

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Harvard Tours

Do You Want Go on a Tour?

So here’s my story. My friend and I went for a walk today around Harvard Square in Cambridge. It was a glorious sunny day.

The Harvard Commencement was a few days ago, but there were still a lot of people around the campus.  We took our own “informal” tour, but you can take an “official” tour with a Harvard student. One of those tours was just starting as we entered the square. The Student Tour Guide was trying to get everyone excited.

Harvard Tours

Hey everybody! Let’s Go on a Tour!

I think there’s a story there…a very OLD story…

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Toll House Sign

Bad Directions?

Not really…the sign was left as a historical marker. But it is an odd juxtaposition, don’t you think? A shoutout to Suffragette Kitty for giving me the idea for this photo

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This week’s Photo Challenge Topic is Street Life.

I don’t go into “The City” (meaning Boston) much, but yesterday I ventured to Plymouth (of the Pilgrims fame), one of my favorite towns. I went to attend a reception for a photo show at the Art Center there. I was hoping to take some photos at the same time, but it was extremely cold and rainy.

This is what I got: one person without an umbrella or rain coat, hurrying down the street, sticking close to the buildings in an effort to get less wet.

Plymouth, MA

Main Street in Plymouth, MA in the Rain

In the summer and fall this little town is invaded by visitors not only from the US, but from all over the world. It has a lovely harbor and it is a beautiful place, but trying to go there during tourist season can be a daunting experience. Offseason it is fun to wander around because of the mixture of old and new. If you look down alleys you can find gems like this old tree.

Old Tree in Plymouth

Old Tree in Plymouth

Tree in Plymouth

Old Tree with Roots in History













The distance picture doesn’t really show how big the trunk looks so I took a closer view of the roots.  I’ll have to go back there and take a more “planned” photo when I am not getting wet and cold!

Last year the photo exhibit was a week later and the weather was better. This is a photo I took last year walking from the art center down to the water.

Plymouth Street

Plymouth Street

Still offseason…

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The topic of the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Object. Well…that’s pretty open…inviting multiple posts!

I decided to choose a few art objects I photographed during my December trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge. The first one is a sculptured seat on the grounds of the museum.

Outdoor Sculpture at Norman Rockwell Museum

Sculptured Seat at Norman Rockwell Museum

While in Stockbridge, we visited The Red Lion Inn. True to its name, there are two red lion statues outside the front door.

Red Lion Statue

Red Lion outside the Red Lion Inn

Walking around inside the inn, we found some interesting objects, such as this carved wooden horse.

Carved Wooden Horse

Wooden Horse inside the Red Lion Inn

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Jake’s topic this week is Surroundings.

I was think of how our surroundings affect our mood: how some people think surroundings matter even AFTER you are dead and buried. Now, I’m not trying to be morbid…but haven’t you noticed how beautiful most cemeteries are? My grandmother’s cemetery plot is on a hill overlooking what used to be a drive-in movie theater; she used to joke that she was going to spend eternity watching movies! (Unfortunately, the drive-in is no longer functional, though the screen is still there.) But her view is nothing like the one in the photos I have shown here.

Graveyard in Hull, MA

Recently some cousins of mine visited from Colorado. My brother and I took them to a cemetery of a seaside town to look at the surroundings. You will see why…it is on a peninsula. One direction provides a view of the bay and the other provides a view of the ocean.

Graveyard view of the bay

Graveyard ocean view

I certainly wouldn’t mind those surroundings for eternity!

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Burial Hill

Burial Hill, Plymouth, MA

Join the fun!






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The example provided on the Daily Post for this challenge is a beach scene. I hate to be a copy-cat, but a photo of a beach is a great example because you can see a long way into the distance: everywhere else it seems there are homes or other structures blocking our view.

So beaches are the only place near where I live that you can see for a distance; these are taken at two different beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

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