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Hard to believe, but summers were sometimes boring to me when I was growing up; I actually liked school. When I was a tweenager I didn’t hang out at malls, go to a camp, or hang out with a group (until after I had my license), so I had to find something to keep myself occupied. One I summer I read all Agatha Christie’s books (when my mother kept telling me to “get outside!”), and another one (when I was 14, I think) I drew cartoons. Using a school yearbook, I made caricatures of my teachers and a boy I had a crush on (my reason for keeping them private). I cut out the ones I liked best and glued them into an old blue exam book from my geology class and kept my little book hidden as if it were a diary. (If you look carefully you can see the lines in the background and the edges of the cartoon.)

I rediscovered the cartoon book a few years ago when going through some old stuff.  Because my father’s lifetime passion was drawing cartoons (political ones generally), I decided to share it with him after all these years; I had never showed them to him before. At first he seemed amazed, then he smiled and chuckled, and said, “These are pretty good. I’m glad I saw these.”  I was glad too; he died 6 months later, but it gave me another memory to keep.

My Gravatar is one of the cartoons from that book (it is one of my husband’s favorites). Most of my “self-portrait” cartoons from that period were expressions of teenage angst with sad or depressed eyes and frowns. My “little girl” is a happier, carefree image more in keeping with how I want to see the world now.

[Note: After writing this I tried to find my cartoon book so I could post a different one with this post; turns out I put it somewhere for safekeeping and can’t remember where that is! It will turn up again in a few years when I get in a “sorting” mood.]

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