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Cross by I-75 in Tennesee

Cross by I-75 in TN

Okay…I don’t have a beautiful well-captured photograph for this week’s challenge, but I hope you find it interesting.

A word of WARNING though, this is not my usual subject matter and to some people it could be construed as offensive — I do not want to offend some of my cherished readers.

My husband and I lived in Tennessee for a year and a half. One day as we were driving on I-75, we saw up ahead a giant cross, bright white in the sunlight, striking and beautiful. The first time we passed it, it was on my side of the road. It was not unusual in Tennessee to see crosses on hillsides with no church in sight. It did not occur to me to take a picture until we passed by and saw the building below it: Adult Superstore. How strange — was this purposeful irony? A way to ward off the evil oozing from the building? A tit for tat?

I vowed to take a photo on the way back. But now it was on my husband’s side of the road. It was a highway, after all, and we were travelling over 65 mph; what I got was a picture of the cross, but not the sign on the building below. I was disappointed that I did not capture what was truly amazing and puzzling about the sight.

Funny thing though, as I was preparing this post I decided to do a Google search: someone else had captured it on video: (WARNING — DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU FIND THIS SUBJECT OFFENSIVE)


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