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It is interesting on any given day to think about whether your mood affected your photo choices. In fact, one of my blogging friends, Susan came right out and asked that question to her photography friends and recently wrote a blog about it.

What about subject matter? What do you think your choice of subject matter says about you, other than simply what you like to look at?

I have found tall grasses to be a fascinating photo subject. I love the way they move in the wind, the way the sun shines through them and transforms something rather mundane into something stunning. Sometimes I photograph just a single stalk of grass in detail, sometimes I snap the whole crowd. I think this is a reflection of my mood.

These are few shots I took yesterday. I think I am struggling balancing between blending in and standing out: individuality vs. sociability. Also, just striving to take the things that happen in stride: going with the flow. I think these photos show this was on my mind.


Lost in the Crowd


Go with the Flow


Feeling a Little too Different and Small

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