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This week’s topic is UP.

Yesterday I attended a poetry event at the Fuller Museum in Brockton, MA. The event was free, although there is usually an admission price for the museum. Although it is very close to me, I have never been there before.

This is what I saw as I went UP the steps to the front door.

Fuller Museum, Brockton

Fuller Museum Entrance

The architecture of the building is modern, but the shingles give it a rustic feel. It blends well into the grounds; there’s a pond behind it, complete with a swan.

The poetry event was downstairs. Because it hadn’t started yet, I wandered a little in the first floor, and looking UP, I saw this in a hallway:

Icarus by Mark Davis

Icarus by Mark Davis

Close-up of Icarus

The sculpture is called Icarus by Mark Davis.┬áMost people know the story that inspired it. Icarus wanted to fly; he made wings out of wax and feathers for him and his son. But his son soared to close to the sun; the wax on the wings melted and he fell to the earth. It’s about being greed and arrogance; living in dreams and ignoring what is important.

I contemplated the sculpture and thought about the story. I had received rejections on some poems I sent out the other day. Normally, I would have taken this to heart. I was disappointed but I have so many other pressing things in my life I didn’t dwell on it. I decided to go to this open mike event and read them. So though they won’t necessarily be read (right now), they were heard and I was content. Baby birds appreciate life and start with short flights…

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