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Me with my four older brothers

Me with my four older brothers

The Weekly Photo Challenge topic is Family. I believe in unconventional families, so I’m going to respond to the topic with an unconventional post. I believe we have many “families” throughout our lives: biological families, work families, church families, etc., but the dearest family can sometimes be the one made up of our closest friends.

I love my biological family very much, but there were many times in my life that I felt very different from them. It’s hard to be the only girl amongst 6 boys and feel like you fit in. I think you find your “natural” family as you go through your life and meet people with the same interests.

Rarely do members of the same family grow up under the same roof.

Richard Bach

One of my best friends is a childhood friend. We have been friends for 50 years. I don’t have children, but her daughter is the closest thing to my own daughter that I can have, not only because she is the daughter of a beloved friend, but because we have a LOT in common. She is a bright, thoughtful young woman who loves art, animals, and taking pictures…the same things that I love! Lately the three of us have spent a lot of time together, taking walks and taking pictures. So…I’m sharing pictures of this special “family.”

My Picture-Taking Family

My Picture-Taking Family Taking Photos of Normal Rockwell’s Studio

Jenny and I both taking pictures of the same scene...from two different angles...

Jenny and I both taking pictures of the same scene…from two different angles…

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