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The Daily Post Photo Challenge topic this week is a verb: Create. I love to create — poems, photos, collages –the list goes on.

When my father died one year and a half years ago, we threw together some collages for the wake. We collected photos from all his children, scanned them and used printouts on cheap paper to make three collages. That process allowed the original photos to go back to their respective owners, but the quality was not there. We used a glue stick to stick the photos to a poster board, also not the best process. It lasted long enough for the wake, but it wasn’t long before the photos were curling and peeling off.

On Father’s Day last weekend, I got out the Elmer’s glue and repaired the collage that I had made. I also put Modge Podge on it and added some letters cut out of a magazine to spell his name. It was a nice way to think of him on Father’s day and relive some memories. I plan to add a clear acrylic spray to help preserve it.

My husband had the great idea that the collage could “visit” different family member’s houses so everyone can enjoy it now that some time has passed. Soon my father will be visiting each of us again…

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Yesterday would have been my father’s 86th birthday.  Every once in a while when I call my mother I get my father’s voice on her answering machine; I’ve gotten to the point in my grief that my heart jumps with a smile instead of it shaking and jarring me. I’m glad my mother hasn’t changed it but I sure wish there was more. What I would give for more. My nephew gave him a tape recorder for his birthday a few years ago so my father could record his stories, but he never used it. I really wish he had.

The old phone message


I hang on the too short fragment

of your voice,


longing for more,

unable to speak.

The silence that follows,





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