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I saw this video yesterday about a cat saving a little boy from being mauled by a dog. It prompted many comments. Cat lovers came out in droves to give credit to their feline friends; many talking about their cats alerting them to fires.

It made me think of a time when our family cat helped prevent a home break-in. This is one of those “family legends” that gets told over and over. My mother loves animals, but is definitely partial to dogs, so the fact that she gives so much credit to the cat in this story is a great compliment.

My father was working out of state and coming home on weekends. In the wee hours of Monday morning, my mother would drive my father up the street to meet his coworkers so they could commute together up to New York. My mother had come home and gone back to bed to read and enjoy a little time for herself before the morning chaos began. The cat was resting comfortably on the bed; our dachshund was in her own bed in the kitchen, down the hall from my parent’s bedroom. As my mother tells it, the cat suddenly sat up and ran down the hall. She said, “Misty, what’s wrong?” And then she heard the dog growl and bark. She called out, “Who’s there?”

She got up out of bed and went down the hall and saw the dog attacking a foot in the door! She screamed. My brother heard her and came downstairs with the only thing he could grab…a baseball bat. My bedroom was on the first floor near the stairs, so I heard my brother racing down the stairs and I got up to see what was going on. By the time we got to the kitchen, the foot was gone. My mother told my brother, “Someone was here!” He went outside to look around, but whoever it was had disappeared. My mother was very shaken up. She kept saying with amazement, that the cat knew someone was there before the dog and the dog was in the same room! “Thank you, Misty!” she said over and over.

cat in window

Misty — Ever Vigilant

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