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I recently drove by a school with a historic preservation sign out front. What photographer can resist an ivy-covered brick building in the fall (or something that you know is going to change)? I had a few minutes so I pulled in and snapped a few shots. Unfortunately I only had my zoom lens with me.

Red Vines

Vine-Covered School

Red Leaves

I shot the bright red leaves, and the vines trailing over windows and the front steps, but it felt like it deserved so much more. I was determined to come back with my normal lens to get different shots.

But I only have time for these photo trips on weekends. The weather turned during the week; a mild fall suddenly became winter.

I went back a week later and the beauty was gone. The red leaves had all dropped. The weather was gray and the place looked dreary. I tried to jazz it up by taking a picture beneath a nearby colorful banner.

Old School

It is the nature of photography that conditions are never the same, though the place may be. The light is different and small changes have occurred: someone could have left a glove or trash. In this case, the bright red leaves had turned brown and littered the ground.

Photography is a moment-to-moment depiction of the world, and every moment is different, like snowflakes. What we capture is a temporary moment and nothing more.


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It is said that trouble comes in threes; also that the “third time never fails.” This week the Weekly Photo Challenge echoes those sayings: take a picture of a group of three, aka a trio.

Here’s a trio of ducks bathing as the sun rises:


Bath time…

And a trio of deer getting ready to run if I move:

three deer

Get ready, set…

And lastly, three leaves on the ground, different colors:

three leaves

Same tree, different colors



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grass tassle, tall grass

“I’m going to ride like the wind…”

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Fall colored leaves

Fall Maples

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Sqaush, Gourds

Gourd Love

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I enjoy finding beauty that others might not even notice, so this challenge is right in my sweet spot.

pipe, red leaves

Rusty Pipe amongst Red Leaves


old door

picnic table, fog

Picnic Table with Morning fog

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My happy place is any quiet place where I can enjoy nature. Yesterday I went to a place called Tubb’s Meadow.

HeronFlight RedDragonfly TurtleRustypipe YellowBerries2 ColorsatTubbsMeadow2

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As it is now November, we are well into Fall in the Northeast US. Here are some of the pretty leaves I have seen on the ground in the last couple of weeks. I thought showing one leaf with just a background might qualify as “Minimalist.”

Orange leaf

Orange leaf on Blacktop

Red Leaf

A Wet Red Leaf

wet leaf on sidewalk

Upside Down Wet Leaf on Cement

And finally going back to a previous post…the “ghost” of a leaf…

leaf in cement

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leaf in cement

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