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This week’s photo challenge is about perspective: post a photo which is not what it seems to be. Make sure you share what the photo actually is of in its caption!

For some reason, I just couldn’t concentrate or readily come up with something for this challenge. I got the example in my head and was searching for something similar in my photos and couldn’t come up with anything: translation — mental block. Here’s what came to me this sleepyhead morning after the weekend time change.

Someone has been having lobster:

lobster claw

Remains of a Lobster.

I guess I know who it was:

Lobster claw shell

The Gulls have been Here.

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This week’s photo challenge topic is One.

woman, sitting at dock

There’s a lot of single items in this picture: a single girl, a single sea gull, a single rose…but you have to look carefully to see those details. I think the story is more interesting if I zero in on those items…

dock, woman,

Girl by the Water (cropped version)

Perhaps she is waiting to meet someone? Or that someone  has just left her…she appears to be scribbling away in a journal…documenting the meeting? The sea gull is definitely interested…Any food??

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This week’s photo challenge topic is Eerie — appropriate for Halloween week. But I didn’t get the opportunity to snap any “eerie” halloween photos.

I chose this photo I took a couple of months ago of the clouds and sun reflected in water at a dock — it says “eerie” to me.

Clouds reflected in water

The peeks through the clouds…in water

I tried it in both color and black and white: which do you like better? Which seems more eerie?

Clouds in water black and white

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