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Jake’s topic this week is a broad one: People.

Jake talks about community, that made me think of events where people get together. Whenever I attend a¬†get-together or family event I try to take general “crowd” pictures as well as close-ups. They aren’t the most artistic shots, and the composition isn’t always the best, but that isn’t their purpose for me. I take them to try to show the flavor of the event — what it was like to be there.

This is a photo of a birthday party/lobster fest last summer. People are in line to get their plates of food; notice all of the smiles…people are looking forward to eating!

If I’m lucky, when I look at the pictures after the fact, I see interactions going on between people that I didn’t see at the time.

This was an engagement cookout. You can tell who the couple is by their gestures and because there are two cameras snapping away besides mine!

Finally, I didn’t take this one (I’m the one with the silly green hat). This was taken at a Christmas luncheon where a bunch of us were singing Christmas carols. Looking at the photo, though, the woman on the left clearly said something funny or embarrassing!

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