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The Weekly Photo Challenge topic is color. As I was driving to my mother’s house, I found my inspiration: the colorful fire hydrants.

I worked at the National Fire Protection Association for over 14 years, and I remembered vaguely that the colors can have significance. (If you are interested in specific information, check out NFPA 291; it is also well-covered here). Simplified, the NFPA recommends that the cap color indicate the flow of the water in gallons per minute (GPM) and also water pressure (PSI…pressure per square inch), indicating whether the water needs to be “pumped.” The colors should give fire fighters information they need when fighting fires in specific areas.

What I noticed during my drive, was that the hydrants also seemed to be color-coded according to the town; the hydrants shown in my photos were all located in a different towns.

As you can see, this one was in a very rural area across the street from a pond; it was completely yellow, indicating it is a private system hydrant.

yellow fire hydrant

This one was on the side of the road in a completely residential area.

yellow and white fire hydrant

This photo was also taken in a completely residential area (over the town line from the orange one). This photo is from a little further away because I had to take it from the other side of the road (the SUNNY side of the street).

yellow and red fire hydrant

Finally, the last hydrant was located on a shady corner, near some businesses, one the edge of a sparsely residential area.

red and green fire hydrant

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