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Henrietta's Table, inspiration

Henrietta’s Pigs Have it Right!

Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge, MA…Inspiration for your Monday!

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Okay, I’m back again participating in Cee’s challenge. I love this painted “courtyard” area in Cambridge MA.


Wall in Cambridge MA,

I’m Lookin’ at You


Mural on Wall in Cambridge, MA

Artistic Wall

If you want to see some more interesting photos or join Cee’s Challenge, click on the icon below:



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I’m a bit late this week, but better late than never. This is the biggest “desk” I’ve ever seen; that’s some room to work!

Harvard Library, woman on laptop

Now That’s an Executive Desk!

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Harvard Tours

Do You Want Go on a Tour?

So here’s my story. My friend and I went for a walk today around Harvard Square in Cambridge. It was a glorious sunny day.

The Harvard Commencement was a few days ago, but there were still a lot of people around the campus.  We took our own “informal” tour, but you can take an “official” tour with a Harvard student. One of those tours was just starting as we entered the square. The Student Tour Guide was trying to get everyone excited.

Harvard Tours

Hey everybody! Let’s Go on a Tour!

I think there’s a story there…a very OLD story…

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