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water birds in winter



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I see harmony every day in nature in the way plants and animals interact and nuture each other. Yesterday I found it relaxing to watch these two ducks bathing in the sun on their own little island.

ducks on island in sun

Ducks Enjoying Sun


And these two were exactly in synch as they drank some water.

Two ducks

Seeing Double…

In the cycle of life, nature even provides harmony between the dead and the living, and the old and the new.

Tree and fungus

A Dead Tree Nutures Lichen

moss and fungus

An Old Rock Nutures Moss

And I think the harmony between the ripples in a pond is the most relaxing of all!

reflection rippling

Water Ripples

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After I posted my photo for “Wordless Wednesday,” I realized it was a perfect opportunity to join Sonel’s Weekly Challenge, so here’s another version of my swan family in black and white.


Swan Family

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Swan Family

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This Weekly Photo Challenge was a tough one for me. I don’t have a manual camera where I can manipulate the aperture or the shutter speed. I went through my photos and found two pictures my husband took of me interacting with some sea gulls. The wind was blowing my skirt and the plastic bag I was holding and the birds were flying.

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People sell crafts from their yard…

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