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This week’s topic is Changing Seasons.

I live in New England. With the effects of global warming (yes, I do believe it exists!), last winter was extremely mild. My azalea was confused and put out a flower in fall.



Since I don’t have any snow where I live yet, I’ve decided to go with something from the shoebox. My friend Julie and I went up to NH in October some years ago to see the foliage and they had a bit of early snow. There wasn’t enough to make a big snowman, so Julie made a little snow bunny. I love that there are still colorful leaves on the trees and yet there was some white “frosting.”



Lastly, decorating for Christmas is an indoor reflection of the changing seasons. My cat Zoee loves this occasion!


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It’s snowing lightly out my window today, but it is barely sticking to the ground. It has been an EXTREMELY mild and snow-free winter. Next to my driveway I have bulbs that are coming up (tulips and hyacinths), and in the fall my azalea popped out an extra bloom. It’s a very different year from the last.

This year summer and fall hung together;

Taking turns, day by day,

they held off winter.

Bonded, they confused the hardy plants,

who normally hunkered down and waited

as winter rode through town,

whooping and shooting

like a gun-slinging gang;

they would quietly shiver in the darkness unseen

with their hoarded food until it was safely spring.

This year the azalea let loose a bright flower

amidst its dark purple fall leaves, feeling the change.

This year is different, it seemed to announce,

a premonition of a toothless, gun-less

snow-free winter.


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