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Winter does tend to be overwhelmingly gray. Last winter in New England it was overwhelming white! But this year…we can still see ground. Museums are a great winter activity no matter what the weather.

Art centers are always a place to find vibrant things, inside and outside. This is a bike rack outside the art center in Plymouth, MA. Who wouldn’t want to lock their bike to that beauty?

bike rack

Sculpture AND Bike Rack

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As someone who has WAY too much stuff, I’m always interested in containers. Not your average plastic containers, but “artsy” containers, though I don’t always put anything in them! This is a photo of one of my favorites.

wooden box

Wooden Turtle Box

This turtle box used to sit on my grandmother’s coffee table. It now sits on one of mine.

Every time I look at it, I see her living room in my mind: my grandfather’s green vinyl chair in the corner where he smoked his cigars and read the paper, and the floor lamp with three bulbs covered with plaid shades behind it. Across the room was the couch nobody sat on except a couple of dolls and the stuffed bunny with a dress that someone made for my grandmother. (I was sad that the bunny got thrown out…I definitely would have treasured that.) On the other wall, two armchairs people actually did sit on, most notably my grandmother who would be quietly crocheting in one while my grandfather sat reading his paper across from her. In front of the couch was the coffee table, the home of the turtle box. I don’t know who gave it to her or why. I would guess from the size and era of it, it was supposed to be a cigarette box, but of course we all know a container’s purpose is limited only by its size and its owner’s imagination.

This turtle has a very worthy purpose…don’t let it fool you. It may appear to be empty, but it is full of my memories.

wooden turtle box

Inside the Turtle Box


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art, sleepwalking man, Wellesley

The Sleepwalking Man

For the story behind the photo, click here.

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The topic of the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Object. Well…that’s pretty open…inviting multiple posts!

I decided to choose a few art objects I photographed during my December trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge. The first one is a sculptured seat on the grounds of the museum.

Outdoor Sculpture at Norman Rockwell Museum

Sculptured Seat at Norman Rockwell Museum

While in Stockbridge, we visited The Red Lion Inn. True to its name, there are two red lion statues outside the front door.

Red Lion Statue

Red Lion outside the Red Lion Inn

Walking around inside the inn, we found some interesting objects, such as this carved wooden horse.

Carved Wooden Horse

Wooden Horse inside the Red Lion Inn

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This week’s topic is UP.

Yesterday I attended a poetry event at the Fuller Museum in Brockton, MA. The event was free, although there is usually an admission price for the museum. Although it is very close to me, I have never been there before.

This is what I saw as I went UP the steps to the front door.

Fuller Museum, Brockton

Fuller Museum Entrance

The architecture of the building is modern, but the shingles give it a rustic feel. It blends well into the grounds; there’s a pond behind it, complete with a swan.

The poetry event was downstairs. Because it hadn’t started yet, I wandered a little in the first floor, and looking UP, I saw this in a hallway:

Icarus by Mark Davis

Icarus by Mark Davis

Close-up of Icarus

The sculpture is called Icarus by Mark Davis. Most people know the story that inspired it. Icarus wanted to fly; he made wings out of wax and feathers for him and his son. But his son soared to close to the sun; the wax on the wings melted and he fell to the earth. It’s about being greed and arrogance; living in dreams and ignoring what is important.

I contemplated the sculpture and thought about the story. I had received rejections on some poems I sent out the other day. Normally, I would have taken this to heart. I was disappointed but I have so many other pressing things in my life I didn’t dwell on it. I decided to go to this open mike event and read them. So though they won’t necessarily be read (right now), they were heard and I was content. Baby birds appreciate life and start with short flights…

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The topic for this week’s photo challenge is Unique. Aside from people, or pets, the first thing I thought of was artwork.

When my husband and I got married we registered at a local art gallery. We had both been on our own for many years; we had also been together for a while so the typical needs (dishes, kitchen appliances, towels) were not tops on our list. (I think most husbands feel the usual stuff is really for the woman anyway, not for him.) We both loved art so that seemed like something we would both enjoy. One of our wedding gifts was this ceramic purple wall plaque (or plate).

ceramic wall plaque

Ceramic Wall Plaque

Another gift was a ceramic vase with a beautifully crafted frog on it. When I put this on the floor to take a photo for this challenge, Aimee decided she just had to be in the picture!

ceramic frog vase

Aimee with ceramic frog vase

The last item is something my old boss brought back on a trip to Dubai. I love the delicate wood carving.

Arabian Heritage Arch

Arabian Heritage Arch


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