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Geese with Heads under wings

Geez, geese, wear a hat!

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Anyone who has been following this blog for some time knows that taking pictures is one of my life’s joys, but the parameters of my small-town survival-heavy life do not allow me many trips to new or exotic locations. I am not retired; I do not have the funds or the time to travel to faraway places. But I do see a lot of beauty in my local surroundings and I try to use my photography to help others see the same.

In my other blog, I talk about my project to document the beauty of all the small towns that surround me, but here I will just show you some of the beauty I have seen within 2 miles of where I live.




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Whenever we observe the world, we are framing what we see. Sometimes the frame is made up of our mood, our personality, or our memories: whatever makes up our “frame of reference” or what we choose to focus on. And now I am done with the philosophical part of my post. 🙂

In a more concrete way, in the act of taking a photo, we frame the photo, deciding what is important and how to present it. And sometimes there is a physical frame as in the following photos:

Cow in its Pen

Cow in its Pen


Undeveloped Lot Through a Fence

Undeveloped Lot Through a Fence


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Bird and Plane

Bird and Plane

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Bird on sign

Resident Parking

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It is nice to see couples or partners of any sort.

Recently I watched these ducks have a morning bath, then swim away together.

A Pair of Ducks

A Couple of Ducks

And I watched these two bunnies chase each other around the yard.

Bunny partners

A Pair of Bunnies

Lastly, I was walking with a hiking group and saw this couple enjoying a beautiful day.

Couple on a bench

Parners Enjoying a Beautiful Day.

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duck with reflection

How Do I Look?

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Abstract-looking photos can be some of my favorites because they look more like “art” and less like photography. Also because you can look at them over and over and see something else, depending on your mood. This is one I have posted before, but I can’t resist posting again because it fits the theme.

reflection rippling

Water Ripples

And this is another I took more recently.

reflection of red tree blossoms

Red Tree Blossoms Reflection

Although both are reflections, they have a very different look.

Lastly, try to guess what this is?

Cranberry bog in winter

Cranberry Bog in Winter

The black ice over a cranberry bog in winter.

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Cows, tractor

Pied Piper

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I’m from New England. It is hard to find a place that we can see forever here other than at the edge of the ocean! When I think of landscape, it implies seeing off into the distance.

I recently returned from a trip to Kentucky to visit friends. I love the landscape there because it is only interrupted by cows. Ahhh…it seems so relaxing to me.

white cow, spring farm

Spring Farm Scene

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