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Cheri Lucas Rowlands gives us this week’s Photo Challenge: Unusual Point of View.  She introduces it this way:

Challenge yourself to rethink your ideas about what subjects are appropriate, and then challenge yourself again to find an unusual perspective on your subject.

Cool Globes Exhibit

Globes Along Boston Common

I recently went into Boston to meet a friend and saw these “Cool Globes” in different areas of the city. The art exhibit is to call attention to the issue of global warming. (You can read about it here.) All of the globes represent an artist’s unique perspective on the issue.

Cool Globe Exhibit

Globe Created Using Plastic

Cool Globe Exhibit

Globes in Early Morning

I really enjoyed looking at them as I walked around and took pictures of some of them…and I took pictures of other people taking pictures and enjoying them too, which I think is a unique perspective!

Cool Globe Exhibit

Hiding Behind a Globe, Photographing Someone Else Photographing a Globe

Cool Globe Exhibit

In Copley Square, These Kids Found a Globe They Could Sit In


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The topic for this week’s photo challenge is Unique. Aside from people, or pets, the first thing I thought of was artwork.

When my husband and I got married we registered at a local art gallery. We had both been on our own for many years; we had also been together for a while so the typical needs (dishes, kitchen appliances, towels) were not tops on our list. (I think most husbands feel the usual stuff is really for the woman anyway, not for him.) We both loved art so that seemed like something we would both enjoy. One of our wedding gifts was this ceramic purple wall plaque (or plate).

ceramic wall plaque

Ceramic Wall Plaque

Another gift was a ceramic vase with a beautifully crafted frog on it. When I put this on the floor to take a photo for this challenge, Aimee decided she just had to be in the picture!

ceramic frog vase

Aimee with ceramic frog vase

The last item is something my old boss brought back on a trip to Dubai. I love the delicate wood carving.

Arabian Heritage Arch

Arabian Heritage Arch


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Tree in graveyard

Autographed Tree

Click here for other Tuesday Trees

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After seeing some lovely photo collages with all of the seasons represented (thanks, Eliz and firstandfabulous), I decided to revisit the topic.

I had forgotten that I have a piece of artwork in my home that is a perfect fit for the theme; it is actually called “Seasons.”  I wish I could tell you who the artist is, but I bought the print on the streets of Quebec City many years ago. Very expensive for me at the time, but I loved it. You can see the iconic Chateau Frontenac in the print.



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The topic for this week’s challenge is silhouette. I chose a couple of old pictures.

Though my grandmother died years ago, we are still going through boxes of papers and photos. My mother recently found this photo of me and my cat Misty, which I had given to my grandmother. I took the photo when I was in my early 20’s as an assignment for a class, using my trusty Pentax K1000 and a timer with a sheet hung up on the wall behind me (that’s about as amateur as you can get). I had developed it myself, and it shows my inexperience: it has a few brown spots from my carelessness with the developing chemicals, and it was also cut crookedly. Despite its flaws, I was happy to have it. I recently put it in a frame and put it on a table in my home; the imperfections only make it a little more precious.

Looking at it now, I realize it is my own modified version of the photo of Billy Joel from the inside sleeve of  The Stranger album. (I liked that photo so much I drew my own version in charcoal for an art class.) The photo on the sleeve was a great example of a silhouette.

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A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about still life photos created by photographer Elizabeth Handy. Her clients choose items that represent what is important in their life, and the items are paired with a flower. She calls these “portraits” of the people who chose the items.

I love this idea, and I think it fits this week’s Daily Post Photo Topic. The photo represents the “merging” of separate aspects of someone’s personality into a complete and unique picture.

This photo was my first attempt, taken a couple of months after I wrote the blog.

Although I spent some time choosing the items, I didn’t spend a lot of time arranging them or creating a decent background! It was a kind of half-hearted attempt that I didn’t pursue further.

Then when this topic came up, I decided to try again and be a little more deliberate and thoughtful about it. I took a series of pictures, substituting some items. This is the one I chose.


I’ve been a baseball fan my whole life. I love writing/journaling, cats, food, gardening, wine, and music (I used to LOVE Billy Joel and did many drawings of him). I think of myself as a wildflower type of gal; the extra joke is that the wildflower is a Black-Eyed Susan, and that’s my name!

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In the northeastern U.S., the life of a mailbox can be short; they have to survive snowplows and bored teenagers with baseball bats. (A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about mailbox casualties after an especially snowy winter.) My philosophy is that it is not worth spending much time or money on them, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the artful efforts of those who don’t agree with me.

Some people give their mailboxes personality by painting them with an individual design.

Others show their personality by “creating” something: here are a couple of trains, one made out of metal and one made out of wood.

Others try to send a message: the owners of this “bus” mailbox have a van and limo service.

Some people like to craft a mailbox that looks like a “house” for their mail. Notice the base on the red barn one. Cement can help fortify the mailbox for battles with the plows in winter.

Lastly some people turn them into a kind of urban artform; they repurpose items that are difficult to get rid of. This “stove” does both.

But none of these beats the microwave one recently posted on Jo’s blog for the Weekly Photo Challenge a few weeks ago!

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Jake’s topic for this week is “Splendid.”  It’s a word I very rarely use, and I think it is a hard word to pin down. Jake’s definition was a list of 33 adjectives…the topic is wide open for a personal definition of incredible beauty.

For some reason I associate the word with pomp and circumstance, royalty and luxury. So in keeping with my associations, I’m posting a picture of two enameled pieces of artwork my husband and I bought in Mexico by the artist Miguel Pineda. They represent splendor to me!


Here’s a close-up of each one. Their colors are bright and dynamic!


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The Daily Post Photo Challenge topic this week is Growth. I decided on a literal approach.

I find tree burls fascinating; although they are considered a “wart” or “deformity” on a tree, they also make that tree unique. The wood from the burl of a tree is often used to create art (here’s an example). Examining a tree with a burl can be a fun imaginative exercise like looking at clouds.

In the spring I photographed this tree in a graveyard because the shape of the burl made me see a raised fist. The “thumb” is missing because unfortunately when I took the photo, I got so excited I ended up with a double exposure on the right side of the picture. I cropped off the double exposure, but I think you can still see the “curled fingers.”

I went back a month later and I couldn’t recapture what I saw the first time. It was a different time of day; the light was different. I couldn’t get the same angle.

Now there were leaves growing on the tree. The mood was very different. But I still found the burl fascinating.

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