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I struggled a little with Jake’s topic this week; “wonderful” is not a word I use often. (I tend to be more of a “fabulous” girl…giggle.)

I pondered. When do I use the word? It tends to be about something large in scope, something made up of a lot of small details, or something abstract like a trip or a story…or a life.

I¬†started focusing on a “wonderful life” because of the movie by that name. As usual that initially made me think of my dad, but I have written about him a lot. My second thought was of the pets I have had in my life, all wonderful in their own individual ways. Ultimately for this post, I chose Simone, the kitty we called “the queen.”

Simone the Queen

Simone the Queen

Simone was over 20 years old when she died; she was the center of our lives, and believe me, she ruled our little kingdom. (If you want to read a bit more about her, check out this post…warning: it is a tearjerker.)

This was what I wrote on Facebook when she passed away in 2009:¬†Rest in Peace our beloved girl. She lived quite a life: 3 states, 6 homes, thousands of miles. She loved baseball, hockey, and Wolf Blitzer (!). She loved Alan’s cooking. She was the queen of kitties and will always live in our hearts.

The condolence wishes were many because she was family. Our friends knew the stories: how she used to stop the cuckoo clock by grabbing the pendulum because it kept her awake; how she would lie on top of the tv when a hockey game was on and chase the players with her paw; how she loved certain music and would sit mesmerized in front of the TV when Wolf Blitzer reported on CNN; how she hung around when my husband cooked and had to have just a taste of everything. When she went in for her check-up at 15 years old, the vet was amazed at her and wrote in capital letters in her record: AN EXCELLENT KITTY! I loved that she said that at the time, but now I say, “No…she was gentle, strong, loving and WONDERFUL!”

Simone at 18

Simone at 18

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The title of this week’s photo challenge is geometry, but it is meant to be about architectural photography. I rarely get to the city, which is where I think the most beautiful architecture is located, so I went (again) to the shoe box.

These photos were taken in Montreal, Canada on a trip to see the old Olympic Stadium.


The stadium was built in 1976 when Montreal hosted the Summer Olympics. The Montreal Expos baseball team then played there until 2004, when the team moved to Washington DC and became the Washington Nationals. The stadium cost an astronomical amount of money to build, and according to Wikipedia, it is now thought of as a “white elephant” because of the initial price tag and structural problem that revealed themselves as time went on. When I saw it though, I thought it was beautiful.

They also had some geometrical gardens surrounding it. I thought those were beautiful too.


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