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This morning I pulled out a poetry book I hadn’t looked at in a while, looking for inspiration. These sunless days are difficult.

I found inspiration, but not the kind I expected. In the back of the poetry book was the agenda for my father’s funeral service with copies of the two poems I read. I succumbed to some tears and wrote this in one fell swoop, like a stream of consciousness:

In the back of the poetry book

I found

the order of service

for the day we buried my father

encased in the poems I read –

Not mine –

they said what I couldn’t say

and still can’t.

Why are my words

buried in this living coffin?

Where are the magic words

that could change everything?

Dead to a deaf world

they have no choice but to lie there


If only they could rest somewhere and find

the promised peace,

be stretched out on a page

caressed by so many waking eyes,

absorbed into regretful hearts

as the important last glimpse

before eternal silence.

We found a poem of my father’s,

his mind preparing for death;

We placed it over his smiling face

like a veil,

framed it like the precious voice

from the grave it was —

miracle of life after death –

Why didn’t we see this before,

everyone said?

If my father were alive,

he would probably say the same.

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I have suddenly found myself not writing. I have suddenly found myself spending more time reading others’ blogs instead of working on my own. Is this some kind of online quicksand? Is this the trap under the leaves?

At first it was a great source of inspiration and and a great way to learn and make contact with others, and now I find it sucking my time away. How do I break free?

How do others balance reading others’ blogs with putting the time and energy into their own? Do you assign a time limit to each? Do you sit down and make sure you write your own posts before looking at others on any given day?

My friends, please advise me and drag me out of here before I sink…glub, glub…

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I see things like this:

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