watch tower

Along the (Fire) Watch Tower

Tree Tuesday: Fallen Cedar

fallen tree

Nature’s Tree Sculpture

Judging by the state of its rootball — smooth and debris-free — this tree fell quite a while ago. The roots have taken on the look of a sanded sculpture…it was a beautiful surprise during a recent hike.

Tree Root

Tree Root “Sculpture”

two gravestones

Together Forever

As it is now November, we are well into Fall in the Northeast US. Here are some of the pretty leaves I have seen on the ground in the last couple of weeks. I thought showing one leaf with just a background might qualify as “Minimalist.”

Orange leaf

Orange leaf on Blacktop

Red Leaf

A Wet Red Leaf

wet leaf on sidewalk

Upside Down Wet Leaf on Cement

And finally going back to a previous post…the “ghost” of a leaf…

leaf in cement

Okay, I’m back again participating in Cee’s challenge. I love this painted “courtyard” area in Cambridge MA.


Wall in Cambridge MA,

I’m Lookin’ at You


Mural on Wall in Cambridge, MA

Artistic Wall

If you want to see some more interesting photos or join Cee’s Challenge, click on the icon below:



A Sunflower Hunches its Shoulders Against the Storm

A Sunflower Hunches its Shoulders Against the Nor’easter

I really love this challenge because my mind is always on the hunt for “oddball” photos. I thought I’d jump in again this week. I saw this fellow in a liquor store window.

Statue in Liquor Store Window

Gentleman Pacing at the Liquor Store

If you want to see more “oddball photos” (and you do because they are fun!), click on the link below:




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