There are so many things I could do for this post because I get attached to things and I can’t possible keep them all — so many people and things gone but not forgotten. But given the season, I wanted to keep it light and not be too much of a downer. So I decided to do a repost of something I published when I first started this blog.

I dug these boots out of the back of my closet.  I’m trying to clean things out..the usual New Year’s resolutions.  I’d probably keep them for a Halloween costume or something if they still fit, but they are WAY too tight.  Before discarding them, I took a trip down memory lane and decided I would give them a little “memorial”; a photo and an off-the-cuff poem…


Viva Le 80s

The boots were ripped from a dark back closet corner;

layers of dust had dimmed them some,

decades converted playful to garish.

In their heyday

they were club fodder, party wear, perfect companions

for a young woman’s feet as they danced the night away,

hugging and supporting them,

best friends through twenty-something dramas,

crushes, lost boyfriends, flip-flopping passions.

But maturity and years, life’s weight,

layered on and the boots got tight, were obsolete;

they became jokes, banished ghosts of youth.

Back in the light, they need a new home,

a new friend,

New retro-chic feet.

christmas pencil

I Think That is Mine…

Yesterday we had a fairly warm day in the Northeast U.S….50 degrees! So my friends and I took a lovely walk in a bird sanctuary and enjoyed the last of the November gold before white winter takes over.

With the weekly photo challenge in mind, I took a couple of shots where the trails converged:

trail marker

A Trail Marker where the Trails Converge

Trail marker

The Boardwalk Merges…

As I walked along, I had time to think. How about the convergence of sky and water?


The Water Meets the Sky and Makes Art…

Wordless Wednesday: Old News

Deteriorated newspaper, old newspaper

News Gets Old and Ugly Pretty Quickly…

I guess that’s why we get most of our news online…

watch tower

Along the (Fire) Watch Tower

Tree Tuesday: Fallen Cedar

fallen tree

Nature’s Tree Sculpture

Judging by the state of its rootball — smooth and debris-free — this tree fell quite a while ago. The roots have taken on the look of a sanded sculpture…it was a beautiful surprise during a recent hike.

Tree Root

Tree Root “Sculpture”

two gravestones

Together Forever


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