pigeon on statue

A Prestigious Seat for a Common Bird

lost princess

A lost princess: Ariel in transition??

The beach is full of textures, from wood pilings to water and sand.

Wood Piling

Weathered Ocean Piling

The sand alone encompasses a variety of textures: from soft wet sand that slips between your toes as you walk barefoot to hard-packed sand that feels like cement when you walk on it. Then there’s dry sand that sticks to everything! Some people don’t like that at all so they wear sneakers or shoes.


Footprints in the beach sand…

The ocean waves beat relentlessly on the rocks, smoothing them over time. But if you decide to walk barefoot, be careful of shells, which can be sharp.

crab shell

A Sharp Shell

Whoever lost this shoe, might be sorry if they don’t watch where they walk!


Surf Shoe

A Lost Surf Shoe…



Anything for Me?

Tree Tuesday: Transition

River Birch, Peeling birch bark

River Birch Growing

“Growth inside fuels growth outside.” John C. Maxwell


Couldn’t resist another shot at this theme. I saw this beautiful coleus the other day at Tower Hill Botanical Garden.


Coleus with ZigZag Leaves


Ocean creature’s paths are not straight ones…they meander and zigzag

Paths through the Sand

Paths through the Sand


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